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coming up in the May/June issue of The Portal: A Focus on Southeast Asia

  • 1.  coming up in the May/June issue of The Portal: A Focus on Southeast Asia

    Posted 03-14-2019 15:46
    The countries of Southeast Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand, will be the subject of The Portal's annual regional focus. For the May/June issue, we invite contributions from IAM members in the following countries: Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, as well as Australia and New Zealand,

    Here's what we'd like to know:

    Please provide some background about the history of your company. When and where was it established? Is it a family-owned business?

    How big is your company? How may facilities, trucks, etc., do you own?

    How many employees do you have? What type of training do you provide (e.g., on-the-job, online courses, etc.)? Do you find it easy or difficult to find and keep good employees?

    Tell us about yourself and your own career in the industry. How did you come to work in the moving business? Do you the any other family members who work in the industry or in your company? What do you personally like most about your job?

    Does your company have any specialties (e.g., high-value shipments, art exhibits, trade shows, embassy/diplomatic/military moves, or other kinds of work)?

    What other services do you offer (such as customs clearance, records storage, settling-in services, etc.)?

    What is your company's ratio of residential vs. corporate moves? Is your country's population mobile, or do they tend to stay in one place for most of their lives?

    What keeps customers coming back to you with future business? What does your company do especially well?

    Have you performed any particularly interesting or noteworthy jobs that you would like to tell our readers about?

    Have the political climate and national disasters affected you? If so, how have you addressed those challenges?

    Are there any unique aspects of doing business in your country?

    What are your future plans for the company (e.g., expansions, new facilities, additional services)?

    How long have you been involved with IAM? What else do you want Portal readers to know about your company?

    You may write your own article or simply provide the information requested and we'll include it in a staff-written overview article. High-resolution digital photos (as separate JPEG files, not in your Word document) are welcome and will be used with your story as space permits. 

    You may provide your text in an email message or as an attached Word document. Be sure to include your name, job title and company with your submission. Send your contribution to William.Kohudic@iamovers.org AND joycedexter47@gmail.com

    The deadline for this issue is April 15, 2019.