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Get involved! Come help us build houses for people in need

  • 1.  Get involved! Come help us build houses for people in need

    Posted 11-15-2018 14:00
    Come join us in this unique, and lifechanging opportunity to truly do some good for those less fortunate.

    This is your chance to make a real difference, while at the same time building friendships and memories that will last a lifetime

    I personally guarantee this will be the most rewarding, enriching and humbling social responsibility event you partake in.

    The world is full of social injustices and unfairness. Will you help us change that? 

    LACMA Next has been collaborating with TECHO through its SOS program for 5 consecutive years, every year with a growing number of participants. LACMA Next covers through its member's donations the cost of every house that the volunteers build. The volunteers donate their valuable time and effort in this amazing enterprise and partnership. In order to have an even bigger impact, LACMA Next has decided this year to invite additional participants to the event, opening it up to non LACMA members.

    Lacma Techo event 2019

    TECHO is a youth led non-profit organization present in Latin America & the Caribbean. Through the collaborative work of families living in extreme poverty with youth volunteers, TECHO seeks to overcome poverty in slums. TECHO is convinced that poverty can be permanently eradicated if society as a whole recognizes poverty as a priority and actively works towards overcoming it.


    n 1997 a group of young people began working towards the dream of overcoming poverty. The sense of urgency that existed in these slums massively mobilized them to build transitional houses together with the families that were living in these unacceptable conditions. This initiative became an institutional challenge that today is shared across the continent. Since its beginnings in Chile, TECHO undertook an expansion, and after 15 years has maintained operations in 19 countries across Latin America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador,  Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.


    TECHO is born everyday from the encounters of volunteers and families living in slums, working together to overcome poverty and exclusion. TECHI believes a home means more than a house. It means health, education, personal development, overcoming poverty and income generation, women empowerment, security for families and the possibility of inspiring a community to overcome this situation together.


    Ramiro Quiros
    Moveware Ltd - LACMA Next
    Toronto, Canada

  • 2.  RE: Get involved! Come help us build houses for people in need

    Posted 11-16-2018 13:17
    Hi everyone,

    I have been lucky to be joining this amazing activity already for a few years. We've worked under the sun and under the rain, but enjoyed every single minute of the work. We've met the families we're building the houses for, they've opened the doors of their humbles homes, they've cooked for us and all together shared an unforgettable experience. 

    Those who have been assisting to this LACMA Next - Techo activity grew over the years together as a great group. Don't miss this opportunity, you won't regret it,
    Thomas Schreiner
    Gou Group
    Nueva Sto. Domingo 163
    Mexico, D.F. 02760
    +52 55 5062 2627 Direct
    +52 55 5062 2600 Office

  • 3.  RE: Get involved! Come help us build houses for people in need

    Posted 11-16-2018 13:18
    Dear Ramiro,
    thank you for your nice words. Even tough I am not Lacma next aged anymore I have personally experienced this and yes, you are right, taking part at Techo is an unique and heart touching experience anyone of us should get involved in!
    This year too I will be honored to be there and all of us , side by side each other, will try to help less fortunate people than we are.

    Massimo Gaudioso
    Alpha International
    Naples Italy

  • 4.  RE: Get involved! Come help us build houses for people in need

    Posted 11-26-2018 12:04

    Friendly Reminder everyone, cut-off is soon approaching!

    Contact us TODAY - don't wait, don't miss out.


    Ramiro Quiros
    Moveware Pty Ltd.