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    Posted 10-26-2018 10:36
    Edited by Carl Weaver 10-26-2018 10:36
    ​My company has experienced some very serious issues with ONE Lines, that being their lack of sending Arrival Notices prior to the arrival of the vessel at port.  All other shipping lines seem to be able to get them to us a week (or so) before arrival thus giving us time to set up customs clearance with the customer as the shipper must clear in person in Canada.  I had 4 containers arrive at Halifax port with no notice at all from ONE, it was not until I went looking for them that they were sent and at that time two of them had already been sitting beyond the free time.  I also had to chase down an invoice for DTHC when it was discovered there was a hold on the container at port.  We had to rush a cheque to their local office and still wait 2 days for release once they received it.  Also to note, there is no phone number or email listed online to reach them in Canada, the only way I could communicate was by an online chat.  Now, I just received an Arrival Notice for a shipment that arrived at Vancouver port on Oct 21, 4 days after the fact!  This is a very serious situation.  You may be getting a good deal on the rate but the service falls terribly short of what the other lines are offering.  We should not have to chase them down for paperwork that should be coming as a matter of course.

    Anyone else?

    Lorrie Macfarlane
    Hoyt's International
    Dartmouth NS Canada

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    Posted 10-26-2018 11:03
    From the IAM Connected editor:

    Note that we do not normally allow the type of discussion that surrounds the topic of, "I hate working with this other company," or, "This company owes me money and won't pay." That type of discussion is not allowed, according to our terms of use, but this strikes me as a different type of conversation.

    I opted to publish Lorrie's post after a good bit of thought on what she was saying. I see this as more a discussion of good business practices and how they can lead to more business, rather than, "I hate this company."

    The big theme I see here is the importance of communication with clients, which is an issue for all of us. What issues do you see in this that are larger than the individual company in question, even if ONE helped inspire the discussion? Are there any lessons we can all learn from?

    Carl Weaver
    Website Content Manager
    International Association of Movers
    Alexandria VA United States

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    Posted 10-27-2018 22:41

    My understanding of the issuing of Arrival Notices is that they are provided as a matter of courtesy by the lines and is not a requirement.  You should be able to track your shipments and know for yourself when they are arriving.  As a matter of providing good service you should not have to contact the line in order to obtain Arrival Notices or other Invoices or documentation, but I would personally never rely on an Arrival Notice hitting my Inbox to know exactly where my shipments are.


    Thank you,


    Neil Warren, HHG Import Mgr/Logistics Coordinator

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    Posted 10-29-2018 10:01
    Another suggestion, and this is what we do, we set up alerts for every shipment, for a few days before the arrival, and that way we can check if we have received the notice or need to contact the shipping line.

    Setting up alerts for every shipment individually has been an effective way to monitor them, and we don't have to rely on memory or solely on the shipping line.

    Fatima Calderon
    International Coordinator
    GoMove USA Inc.
    Jersey City NJ United States

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    Posted 10-27-2018 22:41
    ​Further to my previous message, it turns out that ONE had sent the Arrival Notice re: Vancouver but to the wrong email; I felt it only fair to mention this.  However they have made errors with Canada Customs which warrants concern.

    Lorrie Macfarlane
    Hoyt's International
    Dartmouth NS Canada