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Look for the RPP Logo on IAM's Mobility Exchange

  • 1.  Look for the RPP Logo on IAM's Mobility Exchange

    Posted 10-23-2017 12:06

    By now, we hope you have had a chance to take a look at our new dynamic digital directory, the IAM Mobility Exchange. If you have not, claim and edit (if necessary) your company's listing today (there is no charge to claim your listing). Also, make sure your staff is aware of how they can use this great new tool to find the right service provider, supplier, partner, etc. for your company.

    When searching Mobility Exchange, you will notice that many of the listings have the Receivable Protection Program (RPP) logo next to their company name. The RPP logo indicates that this company is either an IAM Governing or Core Member. If your company provides a covered service* to a company that has the RPP logo next to its name and that company fails to pay, that unpaid invoice is eligible for Unpaid Invoice Compensation through the IAM Receivable Protection Program (RPP). However, if your company provides a service for a company that does not have the RPP logo next to its name, any claims resulting from that job will be automatically denied, as that company has not paid into the RPP Reserve Fund.

    * Please read the RPP Operating Rules and Regulations for the full extent of what services are covered by the RPP.  

    Brian Limperopulos
    Director, Programs
    International Association of Movers

  • 2.  RE: Look for the RPP Logo on IAM's Mobility Exchange

    Posted 10-24-2017 11:51
    I have made other experiance... I had done this, and after I have loged - in again and will made some settings to the listening, they will have USD - I have also made an E-Mail to the IAM Membership - but not received any feedback..

    John Appenzeller
    Managing Director
    Appenzeller - Transpack GmbH
    Zurich Switzerland

  • 3.  RE: Look for the RPP Logo on IAM's Mobility Exchange

    Posted 10-27-2017 09:46
    ​Dear Brian
    I received your mail and I gave all to My  Financial Dep.
    in this way they could tell me something about RPP and then I'll write immediatly

    Best regards



    Francesco Mercadante
    Mercier SRL
    Milan Italy