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Topic: IAMX and Data Integrity 

1.  IAMX and Data Integrity

Posted 10 days ago

Today, I had an IAM Member write to me to advise that a website link that they had clicked on after doing a search for a service partner in IAMX was not a working link.  She was very kind and provided the correct link which she had obtained after contacting that service partner.  I thought the act of kindness deserved a "thank you" and also deserved a response. 

Here is what I wrote:


"Yes, there are some errors, some outdated information and incomplete entries in IAMX.  The text pages on our website that explain what IAMX is and how to use it, spell this out clearly.  We explain that our aspiration is to be complete and totally accurate but we know we are not even close.  In fact, we know it will always be a work in progress.  Yet, we believe it is the best resource our industry has so far and it gets better daily partly thanks to users like you that will take the time and effort to assist.  Thank you.

We actually do try to verify some of the data entered into the directory.  If you had clicked on the company profile for this company, you would have seen this:
Extract from Company Profile Page

Note the comment under Company Description.  We tested the link on May 1, 2017 and found it was not working. 

Both IAMX and the IAM send out periodic reminders by e-mail, through newsletters and articles encouraging all IAM members to Claim, Review, Edit and Complete their company profiles.  The encouraging news is that close to half of the IAM member companies have Claimed their listing and that number grows daily.  Even more encouraging, over 240 member companies have taken the next step to voluntarily submit to our Validation process to document their credentials in IAMX.  

Claiming the listing is only the first step and does not ensure that these companies have actually reviewed or edited their listing.  So, our effort is to continue to encourage these companies to do so.  Our system has an "Edit Review" feature which reports every single change that a company makes to their profile.  It prompts us to review the change and we offer our assistance as well as encouragement to take the next step to Validate.

 The IAM and IAMX are very serious about customer service.  In this case, we have disappointed you, our customer, and for that we apologize.  We have made the correction and we will contact this company with a direct invitation for them to update their listing.  But we know this moment may have passed and we have made a customer impression.  You used our directory as it was intended and did not get the intended result. For that we do apologize but we hope it will not deter you from recognizing the value of the directory as it currently exists and how we can work together to make it better.  I call it Collaborative Leverage.  Contribute to a common resource for the benefit of all members.

What encourages and inspires us is that you and over 200 users daily are starting to use the directory as it was intended, as an information resource and tool for enhancing efficiency.  This number will grow steadily as we continue to improve the content and add new features designed to promote collaboration and enhance efficiency.  

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention and assisting us in our mission to deliver the most accurate, complete, universal service provider directory to our industry.  Please let us know if we can be of service."


For those of you that have claimed your listing and edited your profile, thank you for contributing to this valuable industry resource.  For those that have not, please click here and do a search for your city.  What will industry professionals looking for service providers in your area see?

Ray daSilva
Mobility Exchange, LLC
Washington DC United States