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Missing Money

  • 1.  Missing Money

    Posted 03-13-2018 07:21

    We recently shipped a small LCL consignment to an IAM in Asia.


    Very soon after the delivery our client contacted us in some distress to say that the delivery crew had stolen a substantial amount of money from a drawer in the bedroom. We advised the client to contact the police immediately, which they did. A member of the delivery crew then didn't show up for work and we understand was arrested, bailed and will go to court in the next few months. The police confirmed that there was indeed a theft as obviously we wanted to confirm that the money existed.


    There are many unanswered questions as to why but we are now dealing with a client that expects us to refund the money as a member of a company we sub-contracted was responsible for the loss (if found guilty).


    Have any members experienced this situation before and how much responsibility did they take and how much did they expect from the local partner?


    Trust is a fundamental part of our business. Thankfully in more than 30 years I have never experienced this issue so would appreciate comments.


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  • 2.  RE: Missing Money

    Posted 03-13-2018 15:59



    Ideally this should not happen with reputed companies who do due diligence and back ground checks of the crew they use


    This is where we feel the correct choice of partners comes in, may be high priced but guarantee the integrity all the way


    Ideally in this situation while the legal system is doing their work, the money reimbursement should come from the destination partner who serviced and owns this crew and not you


    Sincere Regards


    Manoj Sharma

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  • 3.  RE: Missing Money

    Posted 03-14-2018 09:32

    While I'm not actively in the operational end of the industry, I'll contribute my opinions.

    1.  The customer has a role in this matter.  If a customer leaves valuables hidden in a drawer or other location; then there is no way to account for those valuables.  In other words the value could be $100, $1000, or a diamond ring worth $1 million.  There is only the customer's word that I left these valuables in a hidden place without accountability.  It is now missing according to the customer and based on the circumstantial evidence, they believe someone is to blame.

    2.  Based on the circumstantial evidence, it sounds like a crew member may be to blame but that is not entirely conclusive, in my opinion.  It just seems like a logical conclusion.  I have faced such incidents when there were lots of other people (cleaners, painters, handymen, family members) with access but frequently, the movers are first to be suspected.

    3.  In some countries, a Rolex watch will feed a family or a village for a year.  To leave such an item unattended, hidden and unaccounted for while work crews are present in what can be a busy, hectic environment is just not a good idea.  Customers need to use some common sense and not leave such a temptation.  I understand how impractical that is to say to a customer, though.

    In my opinion, there is no easy answer in such a circumstance.  Any payment from the destination company or from the booking company would be a gesture of goodwill.  In my opinion, it would not be a liability unless the crew member was found guilty or confessed.  When one measures the gesture of goodwill, ask yourself if the customer claimed it was $10, would you pay it?  How about $100?  How about $10,000?  Get the point?  The customer could name any amount as the value in not accounted for on an inventory or with any evidence.

    As to the caution about avoiding such incidents by picking a good service partner, that is absolutely true and good advice.  But let's be realistic.  That reduces the risk, it does not eliminate it.  Who among us will be brave to say that their screening process eliminates the risk of such an incident?

    Ray daSilva
    Mobility Exchange, LLC
    Washington, DC 20002
    E-mail: rdasilva@mobilityex.com

  • 4.  RE: Missing Money

    Posted 03-15-2018 11:24

    Hello Charles,


    Thank you for bringing this to the association attention. This is really interesting. We completely agree with Ray Dasilva on this topic. Another point to consider in regards to Destination Services is the fact that we may have an angry customer due to the amount of money he had to pay for concept of Taxes and Port Charges just to be able to import his household goods. They may understand it was not fair what they had to pay just because they compare with previous experiences they had in other countries, or they may think the demurrage is not their fault, or whatever. And they need someone to blame.


    So, in cases like this, as bookers we must listen to the customer claim, give it the right consideration, but grant the destination agent the benefit of the doubt and allow them to initiate an investigation, most of all if you are working with IAM, FIDI, OMNI or LACMA members and you are noticing they are being supportive with the case and giving it the right concern, and afterwards, once we know all the facts, provided the DA briefed us accordingly, arrive to conclusions. The Destination Agent may sub-contract an investigation company with top notch technologies to know if a packer is guilty or not: these companies may use something as an Eye-detect tool or run an specific polygraph test or an integrity test, a body language test or whatever. There are modern tools for this. It all depends on the case and the objects or money being claimed.


    We have had cases in which after performing the right investigation both the origin agent (or booker) and us agreed the whole case have been created by the customer trying to get a forced and no viable refund for the Port Charges and Taxes he had to pay during his Custom Clearance process. Unfortunately, some customers may lie and in those cases we must stand up for our crews.


    Best Regards,


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    Fernando A. García H.

    Quality Manager


    Santo Domingo Oeste, República Dominicana

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  • 5.  RE: Missing Money

    Posted 03-14-2018 12:07
    Hello  Charles,

    While I do not know it as fact, I would venture the guess that it happens more often than we would care to know. Background checks and highly reputed companies are, of course, solid business practices but will not prevent such things from happening as long as the human element is involved. It has always been my understanding that we have the responsibility to instruct the customer of the items that should not be packed/included, those being cash, jewelry, negotiable notes/bonds, coin collections, etc. These are the items specifically stated on most 3rd party insurance providers as exclusions, and done so for the obvious reasons.

    As far as culpability, consider assignment of responsibility for a damaged property, such as a wall or floor. The offending party would bear the responsibility. So it should be for this situation. The destination agent placed the individual into the customer's residence and should then carry the responsibility to recompense the customer and extend the apologies to fully exculpate the booking agent.

    Best regards,

    Budd Cardone, RIM
    Cardone International Associates
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