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1.  Your IAM member directory has just gotten a whole lot better - meet Mobility Exchange

Posted 10-03-2017 09:12


Go Now and review your listing on the newly-launched IAM Mobility Exchange

The IAM Mobility Exchange is now operational and ready for you to use. This tool transforms IAM's Membership Directory into the single most comprehensive directory of your fellow IAM Members, your mobility industry service partners, and their suppliers. Beyond the ability to search and filter to locate the best possible match for your requirements, IAM's Mobility Exchange offers you - an IAM member - the ability to Validate your listing and present your hard-earned capabilities and quality credentials in a way that will differentiate your company for a positive market advantage.


As a member of IAM, your company is already listed; go now to Mobility Exchange to review your listing and update it so that all members can find your company on the industry's new premier online marketplace. If you are new to IAM's Mobility Exchange and you are currently associated with an IAM Member company, you may activate your user rights by searching for your company and clicking the orange "Claim My Business" button next to your company name on the search results page. Please fill out the data fields in the online form that pops up so we can link you to your company in Mobility Exchange and provide you with login credentials. We ask for your patience as we must verify your current association with your company which may take up to 24 hours. The registration is free and there are no fees to use IAM's Mobility Exchange.


Use these links to learn more about Mobility Exchange and what it means to your company:

If you are attending this year's IAM Annual Meeting in Long Beach, California, please make note of the two education sessions that will feature Mobility Exchange. The first session, "One Exchange - Infinite Connections," is for all attendees and takes place on Wednesday, October 11, from 9:00am-10:00am. The second session is the IAM Logistics Network Business Session, also on Wednesday, October 11, from 4:30pm-6:00pm. Mobility Exchange will also have a continuous presence in IAM World, located in the Expo Hall, where you can ask questions and take a hands-on tour of Mobility Exchange.

Please note that this is stage 1 of Mobility Exchange's development and we are currently working to create a mobile-optimized version for launch soon. Right now, it is best to access the site on a desktop or laptop computer, or on your tablet.

William Kohudic
International Association of Movers
Alexandria VA United States

2.  RE: Your IAM member directory has just gotten a whole lot better - meet Mobility Exchange

Posted 10-03-2017 10:04

I have an extreme issue with NON IAM Members being displayed on IAM affiliated web site. We pay annual membership to be part of the IAM network & being part of the member directory when IAM agents are looking for an agent in a particular city. Offering  the ability to click a link for Non IAM Members in our neighbourhood is Fundamentally WRONG. It diminishes the value of our membership and validates the Non IAM service providers a free directory listing.


I very strongly feel IAM should remove that link from the IAM directory.

I would like to hear feedback from IAM membership on this issue.


On the positive side, I very much like all the other features, look and feel of the new IAM member directory. It is very well done!





Leonard (Len) Hoyt

Vice President Business Development

Mackie Moving Systems

a division of 4478959 CANADA INC.


DARTMOUTH NS B3B 1J9          

MOBILE OFFICE 902.221-4565

email lhoyt@mackiehalifax.com

TOLL FREE 1.888.481.2040  main office line 902.481.2041 direct line 902-481-4514


3.  RE: Your IAM member directory has just gotten a whole lot better - meet Mobility Exchange

Posted 10-03-2017 11:37
Edited by Brian Limperopulos 10-03-2017 11:40

Thank you Len for testing out the new site and providing your comments! We're glad you like many of the features included in Mobility Exchange.

As far as your critique, it is a reasonable one and was something we and the IAM Executive Committee thought long and hard about when making this decision. From a broad perspective, it is critical to understand that this is already happening on the internet and we have no control over it. Anybody can do a google search and find a service provider regardless of their quality or if they're an IAM Member. This search is conducted without knowledge about IAM and without a grasp of the concept of industry standards.

Through our exclusive agreement with Mobility Exchange, IAM is providing you and your fellow members with a tool that allows the Association to set the rules by how these companies are treated and establishes a pathway to bring these non-IAM Members into the Association to ensure they abide by our principles and standards, as well as ensuring they are covered under the RPP.

Most importantly, if IAM does not provide this service, another entity will and it will likely be a "for-profit" service that will want to monetize your company's data at every turn without giving you any voice in how that service is used or priced. As an IAM Member, you do have a voice in the course and direction of the Association.

It is important to remember that your listing has been improved and enhanced just by transitioning from the old directory to Mobility Exchange. The ability to search and filter to find the right service provider for Mackie Moving Systems or for someone to find your company has not just been improved, it has been fundamentally enhanced through the addition of geo-location search and predictive search results.  

To preserve the preferences for IAM Members, every set of search results presents by default only IAM Members. If a user is not satisfied with that search, they have the option to click further to see all service providers. As a result, IAM members are much more likely to be selected as users are far less likely to click that button when they already have a number of service providers available from their initial search. Furthermore, the validation service IAM is offering through Mobility Exchange is priced much more competitively for IAM Members than non-IAM Members. In fact, if you are an IAM Governing Member or ILN Member, you can validate your company's listing at no additional charge.

More to the point, we believe we are providing a tool for members to make decisions with their businesses. Although IAM is in over 170 different countries, we do not have members in all 200+ countries around the world. This feature provides you with the ability to potentially find a service provider in the event that you cannot find one amongst the IAM Membership, all within the framework of IAM's online tool.

In addition, this feature will allow IAM Members to establish relationships with service providers who can augment the capacity of their business. By permitting access to non-IAM Members who can provide services like antique restoration, mold remediation, school search, etc., we can dramatically expand the range of services your company offers your clients by connecting you directly with service providers rather than middle-men who take the profit without doing any of the work.

I hope this response is effective in providing a glimpse into why we made this decision and how we feel it will benefit Mackie Moving Systems and all of your fellow IAM Members. 

Brian Limperopulos
Director, Programs
International Association of Movers

4.  RE: Your IAM member directory has just gotten a whole lot better - meet Mobility Exchange

Posted 10-03-2017 23:32

Dear Brian


I feel the inclusion of NON-IAM on the IAM members directory is and can be misleading for people customers not to mention such companies will also want to mislead the customers by telling them they can find their listing on IAM website, or taking a screenshot of the listing on IAM website, a visitor may or may not actually look at IAM and non IAM members tab and easily get misled .Yes the names can be googled, but by hosting their details on the IAM site it is almost regulating them without they actually being a member

That's my personal view of this


Sincere Regards                                                                 
Manoj  Sharma

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5.  RE: Your IAM member directory has just gotten a whole lot better - meet Mobility Exchange

Posted 10-05-2017 09:28

Thanks to Len and Manoj for their comments regarding IAMX, the IAM's new online directory.  Our company, Mobility Exchange, LLC is one of the supplier partners that works with the IAM in the development and publication of IAMX.

Thank you, Len, for your kind comment that you like the look and feel and the features of IAMX.  This directory project has been a dream of mine for many years.  I have been a professional in this industry for some 40 years and it has been very kind to me - offering me opportunities that I may not have had otherwise.  I hope that my small contributions to IAMX will be a way of giving back to this industry.

In my career, I have come to understand that our business is built on a foundation of agent-to-agent cooperation.  A service partner in one part of the world entrusts their precious customer into the hands of a colleague in another part of the country or another part of the world.  That arrangement is based on trust, experience and relationship.  This system has served our industry well.

In today's hyper competitive environment and globally connected world, the management of our supply chain (service provider partnerships) has become one of our most important distinctions.  While tried and trusted relationships are key, we also have to identify new service partners as needs arise.  It is this requirement that IAMX hopes to facilitate and make more efficient.

Len and Manoj pose the question of whether non-IAM companies should be accessible in an IAM directory.  It is a good question and I believe one that will continue to be and should be debated.  Here are my opinions.

The void in the industry that I perceived is that there is no one universal directory of suppliers for professionals in the moving, relocation, logistics and mobility related industries.  Like other industries, we form associations that advance the interests of its constituents.  Each association has its membership and its own directory.  So, we turn to the IAM directory or one purpose, the FIDI directory for another, the BAR directory for another and EURA directory for yet another...and it goes on.  There is overlap with each of these associations and each struggles to maintain current information.  When a company changes its phone number, it sends out notices to each of these associations as well as all its trading partners.  In some cases, those notices are ignored until the need comes to contact that company only to find that the phone number in their directory or system no longer works.

So I posed the question.  What if there was a universal directory of suppliers that served our industry.  What if we categorized capabilities, qualifications, memberships, compliance standards, quality certifications and other pertinent qualiifications that are important in service partner selection.  What if we created a Validation Program that would attempt to review, validate and document the qualifications that are advertised in the directory.  Would that help the industry connect and do business?  Would that promote the agent-to-agent foundation upon which our business is built?

I took those questions to the IAM team and board.  We debated these ideas for years and finally landed on the IAMX concept which the IAM felt best protected the interests of its membership while providing a dynamic, new tool that could help facilitate cooperation within the industry for the benefit of the entire industry.  By no means do we purport to have reached our goal of the universal supplier directory that we envision.  It is a process and it will be a journey.  We have simply taken one important first step.  And may I suggest that it is a bold step that the IAM has taken?

We do not expect that all participants in our industry will agree with this direction.  There are many questions to consider related to the use of the data, data privacy and issues that we have not even thought of yet but I believe we can collectively call upon the experience and knowledge of IAM members to best answer these questions together for the benefit of IAM members and the industry as whole.

I am encouraged by so many industry members and leaders who share this vision with me and are willing to not react instinctively to preserve personal competitive advantage but to consider the benefits of collaboration which eventually flow back to each and all of us.

Ray daSilva
Mobility Exchange, LLC
Washington DC United States