Mr. Marco Righetti

1877 Stein SRL

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1877 Stein SRL


Almost litterally grew up having removals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, hence feeling the removal Industry as the most nice and familiar enviroment to work in.
I would have never chosen anything different for my life!

I studied in an international English school up to the age of 14, and then switched to the Italian high school, then tarted working in the family business at the end of the 90s, and learned all that I could from anyone I came accross with, starting from my father running the Company, down to the most humble and loyal of the packers.

I'm now running the company since 2015, with lots of goodwill towards the business, gratitude with my team and fellowship with our crews.

I love sailing, playing football (only for my American friends: I mean soccer!), and motorcycling.

Ad maiora, semper!