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Voxme Software Inc.


Voxme Software Inc. offers an integrated suite of products for removals companies consisting of pre-move survey and packing list applications for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, barcoding and labeling solutions, move management software, web tracking. In addition, we offer a suite of products for fine art transport, design furniture logistics, galleries and auction houses. This set of applications covers all aspects of collection, condition reporting, inventory management, release management and documentation generation. The system includes mobile applications for inventory conditioning, scanning and movement tracking and offers customizable real-time online inventory system. We serve global customer base of leading removals and fine art shippers from our locations in Toronto, Vancouver, Belgium, London and Middle East. Specialties: Integration with standard and custom built management and CRM systems used by our clients. At present, Voxme products are integrated with Move Manager and ReloAssist by MoveAssist, Moveware, RedSky, TRAXX! by TMI, Safari by Saga, AGP Move by AGP, MoveMan by EOS, MSP (United Vanlines Canada), and many others. We offer simple and comprehensive XML based integration and support email, http and Dropbox based data exchange.